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guys my inbox is exploding from all the requests to be part of the family i’m oVERHELMED 

Dear reignofbooks,
Could I join as Luna Lovegood? Btw the way this was the hardest decision I've made this morning yet. (oh and not with this account but with my book blog, bookishchatter)

I’m sorry , she’s already taken! Just kidding she’s not hehe welcome to the familyyyyyyyyyyyyy  

Dear reignofbooks,
Could I be Tris from Divergent in your book family? :)

Of course! Welcome to the family, here are the "rules" :) 

Dear reignofbooks,
I'd like to be America Singer from The Selection! My url is fairytales-and-heroines :)

— Anonymous

why did you send this anonymously? haha! okay, here are the rules. welcome to the family! :) 

Dear reignofbooks,
Hiya can i be Katsa from Graceling please :)

welcome to the family! also, here are the rules since the link isn’t working. 

Dear reignofbooks,
Ok, could I be Jessamine Lovelace from the infernal devices instead (hopefully she isn't taken!) :)

She’s all yours! welcome to the family :) 

Dear reignofbooks,
Reign I want to join your fam bam aye.

ayye who do u wanna be 

Dear reignofbooks,
Hello. I'd like to join but I couldn't find the rules :(

— Anonymous

Hi!! I’m sorry I think something’s wrong with it :( anyway here are the so called rules:

  • follow me on my main blog
  • message me there which book character you want to be
  • please put the link of the reignofbooks family on your blog (on your sidebar or something)
  • you don’t have to, but it would be great if you follow the members of the family. we’re here to make friends, after all. :) 

I’m so so happy that my book family is doing great so far. I really didn’t expect people to join but look! You guys are awesome. There are still more slots available (sadly, the theme only supports 36 members) so if you wanna join, just message me! :) 

Dear reignofbooks,
I have a side blog that is my book blog and like to keep it separate from my main blog can I still join if I give you the url to my book blog?

— Anonymous

Of course! as long as it is an active blog. :) 

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